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Fork of the original Combat Extended mod for RimWorld, with integrated support for more third-party mods
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sumghai Buff Praetor suit carrying capacity for DOOM Kit - Classic patches
For #200

Since it is power armor, and the Doom Marine/Slayer character can usually carry an obscenely large arsenal with ammo.
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Assemblies Add optional ammoConsumedPerShotCount parameter to Verb_ShootCE Jan 11, 2020
Languages Fix incorrect defName for 7.92x57mm Mauser rifle cartridge Nov 24, 2019
Patches Buff Praetor suit carrying capacity for DOOM Kit - Classic patches Jan 16, 2020
Sounds Delete dshk.wav Nov 18, 2017
Source Add optional ammoConsumedPerShotCount parameter to Verb_ShootCE Jan 11, 2020
Textures Add Doom Kit - Classic unique ammo Jan 13, 2020
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Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition

Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition is a fork of the original Combat Extended mod, with integrated support for more third-party mods and a more frequent update cycle.


  • Same core features as the original mod - shooting, melee, armor, inventory and medical overhauls
  • Fully compatible with existing CE savegames - delete CE completely, drop in CE:FT and go!
  • 110 supported third-party mods (compared with 78 for CE)
  • Recognizes existing third-party standalone patches intended for the original CE
  • Additional ammo and projectile definitions and textures
  • New Graphic_StackCountRanged class for precise control of item subgraphics based on stack count

Supported Third-Party Mods

Mod CE (original) CE: FastTrack Edition
[CP] British Military Kit
[CP] Red Horse Furniture
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Clothing
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Weapons
[O21] Elves
[O21] Elves - Faction Addon
[O21] Goblins
[O21] Goblins - Faction Addon
[O21] Kobolds
[Ods] Kaiser Reich's Imperial Army - Apparel
[Ods] SCP Outfits Only Edition
[Ods] Third Reich - Uniforms
[Pratt] WWII Weapons Pack (Vanilla)
[RH] Faction: Elite Crew
[RH] Faction: Last Man Mercs
[RH] Faction: Militaires Sans Frontieres
[RH] Faction: Task Force 141
[RH] Faction: The Ghosts
[RH] Faction: Umbra Company
[SS]Maid Project
[SYR] Thrumkin
A Dog Said...
A RimWorld of Magic
Alpha Animals
Android Tiers
Apparello 2
Arachne Race
Area Rugs
Better Infestations
Black Widows
Cupro's Alloys
Cute Penguin
Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network
Defensive Machine Gun Turret Pack
Dragon Mod
Dragonian Race
Equiums Horse Race
Expanded Patchleather
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering (EPOE)
Extended Storage
Fallout Traits
Fate Grand Order - Styles Apparel Pack
Ferrex Race
Flak Dusters
Gas Traps And Shells
Girls' Frontline Apparel Pack
Girls' Frontline Styles - 404 Team
Girls' Frontline Weapon Pack
Glitter Tech
Hand 'n' Footwear
High Caliber
Jernfalk's Standalone Horses
K.L.K - Styles Apparel Pack
Kenshi Hiver Race
Kenshi Shek Race
Kenshi Skeleton Race
Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox
Leeani Playable Race
Let's Have a Cat!
Logann Race
Magical Menagerie
Mechanoids Extraordinaire
Medical System Expansion
MiningCo. MiningHelmet
Misc. Robots
More Mechanoids
More Practical Traits
More Vanilla Turrets
Polarisbloc - Security Force
Rabbie The Moonrabbit
Racc Race
Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion
Right Tool: Rebalanced
Rim Contractors Arsenal
Rim of Madness - Bones
RimEffect - Asari of the Rims
Sergals, Gnolls and Lions *
Simply More Melee
Soviet Armory
Spartan Foundry
Spidercamp's Dog Pack
T-45b Power Armor
Trading Economy
Turret Collection
Vanilla Apparel Expanded
Vanilla Armour Expanded
Vanilla Bionics Expansion
Vanilla-Friendly Animal Surgery
Vanilla-Friendly Weapon Expansion
Vulpine Race Pack
Warhammer: Gor
Xenn Race
Total 78 110
  CE (original) CE: FastTrack Edition

*Incomplete implementation


  • All Your Base: Interferes with CE's modifications to base projectile definitions, and will prevent any CE weapons from firing

Contributing Your Patches

  • We welcome patches for any and all third-party mods!
  • You can either submit a pull request, or just raise an issue to ask one of our regular contributors for help
  • Our contributors will do our best to help optimize your patches and resolve any cross-compatibility issues
  • If you are looking to add new ammo and projectiles, our resident artist will do any required textures in the official CE art style for free; again, just raise an issue and we can discuss your requirements from there

Fork Policy

  • CE:FT will be constantly updated to keep up with any new features, bugfixes and tweaks from the upstream CE project
  • Each release will have the same version/tag number as the corresponding CE update, plus a FT-specific suffix (e.g. v1.0.1.5-FT-003 = base CE version v1.0.1.5 + FastTrack patch #3)


The CE:FT team would like the thank the following individuals for contributing compatibility patches to this repository:

  • Kik0hi
  • Freedom187/RaptorX
  • skycrossercat
  • Theblessedwant
  • Togoasl


alt text

Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition is maintained by the CE FastTrack Team, and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

This is the same license as the original Combat Extended mod developed by the original CE Team.

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