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Releases: AtheneumChain/Atheneum - Seed Node Update for Network Sync

13 Sep 13:43
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Replaced the old seed nodes with new geographically diverse seeds.

Not Mandatory, but recommended if you have synchronization issues or Masternodes are going missing. - Spork fix, Logo and themes upgrade

19 Feb 04:47
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• Fixes a Windows Wallet Locale issue, causing an error on opening
• Fixes an OSX Mojave Wallet issue where a dynamic library was missing, causing an error on opening

• Masternode Payment Enforcement Spork
• Protocol Increment (70811)
• Updated Logo branding
• New Dark Theme available
• New Exclusive "Tech" Theme available
• New OSX High Sierra binary

• Tuesday, Feb 19th - v1.0.0.2 is released
• Monday, Feb 25th - Masternode Payment Enforcement Spork is activated
• Monday, Mar 11th - Mandatory protocol enforcement

Latest Binaries

06 Jan 01:20
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This folder contains the latest binaries for the Windows, Mac and Linux wallets as well as the Headless Linux binaries.

Please note that if you are looking for the Graphical Windows wallet, download the file.

The contains the binaries to execute from the command-line.

Atheneum Binaries v1.0.0.1 - Final

14 Dec 19:51
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First release for the Atheneum Chain binaries.

  • fixed and changed UI
  • added hard-coded seeds
  • added hard-coded addnodes
  • changed all name references