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Help build the future of crypto and make your mark in the history of blockchain. Atheneum, a first mover in the education-centric blockchain space and the world's first DALO, is hosting a wallet theme design contest. Not only will you be able to help build the future and play a role in the evolution of education as we know it, you will also be able to win some cold hard $AEM. Your wallet theme could even be selected as an official option for all Atheneum users worldwide!

Timeline : April 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019

Rules and Guidelines

You may choose to enter the contest as an individual or submit your theme as a collaboration. Please see prerequisites and instructions below for technical requirements. The themes will be voted on by the Atheneum community. The top three wallet themes will be added as official Atheneum wallet theme options.


1st place : 5,000 $AEM + Atheneum t-shirt + Official Wallet Theme

2nd place : 2,500 $AEM + Atheneum t-shirt + Official Wallet Theme

3rd place : 1,000 $AEM + Atheneum t-shirt + Official Wallet Theme

4th-7th place : 250 $AEM each

8th-10th place : 150 $AEM each


  1. One submission per user or collaboration of users.
  2. Content must be original and not subject to copyright.
  3. No offensive content or content deemed inappropriate.
  4. No submissions will be accepted after 11:59:59 GMT on 4/30/19.
  5. Winner will be determined by votes on wallet screenshots in the voting channel.
  6. Voting ends 6pm GMT, May 8th, 2019.
  7. Winners agree to a short interview and to be published on Atheneum’s website and Medium Publication.
  8. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded 1 week after voting closes.


  1. You must be able to compile a wallet or have access to someone who can (so you can test it!)
  2. Ability to use a graphics program (to design, tweak and resize the icons and images as needed)
  3. Ability to read and modify CSS (this file will control the colors, font sizes as well as certain images like the background image)


  1. Download and modify this theme template (based on Tech currently as it has all of the features active in css) here:
  2. Extract the files then modify or replace them with your graphics program
  3. Modify the CSS as required to match the new colors of your theme
  4. Test your theme (requires the ability to compile the wallet)
  5. Repackage (zip) the files exactly as they originally were named and located (don't rename anything at all - we'll take care of replacing the code in the right places with the name of your theme)
  6. Submit the file via discord under the "#theme-competition" channel with the theme name, a screenshot of the theme applied to an Atheneum wallet and the zip file (should be under 1mb. If it isn't, the images aren't optimized)

Image uploaded

To Compile and Test:

  1. Please make sure you place the folder new_theme under the icons folder in src/qt/res: Image placehere

  2. place the new_theme.css file in the same directory as the other css files: /src/qt/res/css: Image savecss

  3. compile as usual and test your theme. Don't forget to take a screenshot!

Good Luck !

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