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The installation guides for accomplishing a typical install of the Atheos IDE

Installing Atheos

General Installation Guide

To install simply place the contents of the system in a web accessible folder.

Note: Currently the system is only tested on real servers based on a Unix filesystem. Use on a local WAMP package will most likely cause pathing issues.

Ensure that the following folders have write capabilities:


Navigate in your browser to the URL where the system is placed and the installer screen will appear. If any dependencies have not been met the system will alert you.

Enter the requested information to create a user account, project, and set your timezone and submit the form. If everything goes as planned you will be greeted with a login screen.

(Optional Installation Settings)

For a proper usage of the marketplace you need to set the following parameter

    allow_url_fopen On
    newrelic.enabled Off (only for newrelic users)

and the following extensions to be loaded

    ZIP -- needed for downloading plugins (not needed if manually downloading/installing plugins)

Note: Atheos will also work without these enabled.

Installing with Docker

Once you've installed [Docker](, you can start *atheos* using [HLSiira's Docker Image]( image:

$ docker run --rm -p 8080:80 -d hlsiira/atheos:latest

And open your browser at http://localhost:8080. See that image's README for further details and data persistence.