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This repository contains the back-end (BaasBox), its interface and the mobile application.


If not done yet install grunt and bower: npm install -g grunt-cli bower.

Clone the repository

git clone

Build it


First you will have to fetch the last version of BaasBox:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Build with make (the easy way)

If you are on a Unix system (GNU/Linux, Mac OSX) or if you are on Windows and have installed make all you have to do is:


The Makefile takes care of installing grunt and bower dependencies if needed.

Build without make (the hard way)

Build the interface:

cd interface
npm install
bower install
grunt build
cd ..

Copy the interface to BaasBox sources:

cp -r interface/dist/* baasbox/public/interface

And finally build BaasBox:

cd baasbox
play dist
cd ..

Deploy it

From here should have a play distribuable archive, for more information about deploying it you should take a look at the play documentation.

Taking site.tld as base url you will have:

The credentials are:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin
  • app code: 1234567890

Develop it

Tomat is based on a slightly modified version of BaasBox. If you want to enhance or modify it you should get a look to the repo. The interface is an angularjs project which root is in this directory. For further information about developing with angularjs you should take a look at the official tutorial.

You will need a BaasBox instance to test your interface. If you don't have one running yet Play can handle this for you:

cd baasbox
play run

By default the interface consider BaasBox to be the server's root. You will need to change this to your BaasBox instance in interface/app/scripts/config.js. Change the value of config.url to http://localhost:9000 to use the instance you launched with play run.

To launch the interface (in a new terminal):

cd interface
grunt serve

While using grunt your interface will be accesible at http://localhost:9001.

Mobile application

Mobile application in mobile directory is based on Ionic. Please make sure you have the last version.

cd mobile
npm install
npm install grunt
npm install bower
bower install
cat plugins.lst | xargs -L1 cordova plugin add

To build application for android platform

cordova platform add android
ionic build android
ionic emulate android

To test the application in your browser

grunt build
ionic serve

You have to modify mobile/app/scripts/config.js in order to connect to the right server.

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