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You want to write a web application, but you don't want to waste your time writting your backend ?

Api-as-a-service is the solution :)


git clone git://
cd api-as-a-service/
npm install -d


node app.js

The server will listen on the port 4000, so the url will be http://localhost:4000/.


Here the sample API :

POST - /api/:entity

  • Create a new document for this entity, if the entity doesn't exist, it will be created, the field id is added to the document.

GET /api/:entity

  • Search documents for this entity
  • Some params to search :
    • q to search in all fields (example: /api/products?q=iphone to find all documents wich contain the term "iphone")
    • {fieldName} to search with specified field name (example: /api/products?name=test to find all docs wich contain "test" in its "name" field)
    • fields to get back only specified fields (example: /api/products?fields=name,price.retail will send back the documents with only the key name and price (with sub key retail)), nested keys must be separated by '.'
    • limit to limit the number of result (example: /api/products?limit=20)
    • offset specify the first occurence to send back in the results (example: /api/products?offset=5)

GET /api/:entity/:id

  • Get the document with id :id

PUT /api/:entity/:id

  • Update document with id :id

DELETE /api/:entity/:id

  • Delete document with id :id

DELETE /api/:entity

  • Ask a token to delete entity :entity
    • Send back an url to confirm the delete of this entity

DELETE /api/:entity/:token

  • Delete the entity :entity


The server will create a static server on the public/ folder. So you can easily devellop a web application wich use the API :)

The server will use a static file to stock all informations (data.json), remember, api-as-a-service is here to help you to create web application easily without wrote any backend. But if you want to put your application in production, I recommand you to write your backend.

Have fun !

Thanks you to Alexandre Fournel to inspire me.


  • Add TDD tests with Mocha
  • Add Socket.IO support for realtime web app
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