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IntelliPi is a general-purpose EEG-BMI system suited both for hackers and companies interested in implementing a human-computer interfaces utilizing biometric signals such as EEG. With the IntelliPi, there is no need to worry about signal analysis: you define a paradigm, train with the device and go.

If you don't know which paradigm to use, no problem, it comes with a comprehensive protocol and pre-loaded settings that can get any neophyte or hacker started in the nick of time.

System's features include:

  • Automated feature selection
  • Support for EEG, EMJ and any other biometric signals (up to 16 channels)
  • Online learning, through a Bayesian Learning Loop
  • Based on the Raspberry Pi platform
  • Can be battery operated
  • LCD display for continuous system's status access
  • Multi-class identification
  • This system is compatible with both OpenBCI and Interaxon's Muse.
  • Support for LowPower's ATX-RASPI board.
  • Number of data processing libraries & machine learning

Tutorials & Getting Started

Core doc' - What you REALLY need to know:


Misc doc' - Important reads:

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