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How do I contribute or add new features?

ronniebrash edited this page Dec 3, 2015 · 3 revisions

We think its awesome if you want to use our project by itself, in your project or if want to help us out and contribute - we are looking for:

  • Documentation writers
  • Cool demonstrations - i.e. cerebral wars or mindbox examples
  • Coders, researchers
  • Blog/article writers

Before contacting us, review ALL of our documentation, build and use our project AND make your own mini-project/example. Then, if you are SERIOUS about contributing or need mentorship, please contact us through our website's form and we will put you in contact with the correct persons.

Potentially, if you have a feature request and you deem it interesting for an audience larger than yourself or useful for a number of purposes - investigate filling it as an issue.