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@he3als he3als released this 06 Apr 20:50
· 58 commits to main since this release

Atlas v0.4.0

Version v0.4.0 brings more customizability, stability, and compatibility to Atlas, with many critical bug fixes and more Windows feature support. Additionally, the Atlas documentation had a significant overhaul, with the rewritten documentation for the Atlas folder, as well as various other portions of the documentation.

馃摝 Installation/Upgrades


Due to the number of changes, this version of Atlas requires a complete Windows reinstall to upgrade from older versions. Follow the official installation guide below to reinstall Windows and install v0.4.0. For future Atlas upgrades, you will unlikely need to reinstall Windows.

See the "Installing AtlasOS" guide on how to install.

馃摪 Changelog

Changes & Features

  • New wallpapers and theme
  • Ability to enable Windows Spotlight
  • Ability to enable web search & search highlights
  • Ability to enable the 'Mobile Devices' Settings page, alongside installing the 'Phone Link' app
  • Ability to enable Microsoft Copilot
  • Ability to enable Widgets (called News & Interests in Windows 10)
  • More Atlas folder customization options in the initial AME Wizard configuration ('Custom Features')
    • Ability to install Librewolf and Firefox
    • Prompts for automatic updates, removing modern Snipping Tool, hibernation, and notifications
  • Legacy XBOX Console Companion uninstalled
  • Reverted disabling badges in the taskbar by default
  • Photos, modern Media Player, and Game Bar not uninstalled
  • EdgeRemover updated to the latest version
    • Includes the ability to reinstall Edge and WebView
  • Microsoft account conversion being deprecated as it caused confusion
  • Get Started & Windows Backup included by default as they can't be properly uninstalled
  • Completely refactor network settings
  • Rewritten script for disabling items in the 'Send To' context menu
  • Make paths less hardcoded and less dependent on environment variables
  • Allow Game Bar and FSO by default
  • Add optional 'Terminals' context menu for PowerShell, Command Prompt, and Windows Terminal at different permission levels
  • Ability to unlock recent item settings, meaning you can enable the Run box history, document history, and more
  • Interface tweaks for old flyouts, such as the legacy battery or legacy clock flyout
  • Disallow edge swipe by default
  • Complete refactoring of scheduled tasks configuration
  • No longer set the legacy Windows Photo Viewer as the default viewer
  • No longer set .ps1 files to open directly with PowerShell
  • More software in the Install Software.cmd script
  • Don't change Game Mode as it shouldn't be harmful
  • Remove uninstalling Update Health Tools and PC Health Check as they're not default
  • Rewrite the TASKBARPINS.cmd and STARTMENU.cmd scripts to be more efficient and verbose
  • Disable 'Automatic Folder Discovery' in File Explorer by default to improve responsiveness
  • Windows Update customization options
  • Re-organization of the Atlas folder, with the Configuration folder renamed to General Configuration and Optional Tweaks renamed to Interface Tweaks
  • Removed activation requirement

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Microsoft Edge not uninstalling in certain regions
  • Remove the WinRE fallback for component removal
  • Don't remove OneDrive if it's setup/files exist
  • Deprecate Microsoft account conversion
  • Remove duplicate component cleanup
  • Fix stubs in the start menu not being cleared
  • Fixed uninstalling Process Explorer blue screening
  • Disable Microsoft Copilot by default
  • Fix issues with Client.CBS components failing to update
  • Cleaned up and made the Atlas theme more reliable
  • Fix the lock screen not being reliably set
  • Fix Wake on Lan & VLAN support
  • No longer set MSI mode on devices to prevent BSoDs
  • Fix environment variables not being set when PATH variable is too long
  • Convert .ps1 files to .cmd wrappers to prevent file association issues
  • Music & Videos being pinned to Quick Access/Home properly
  • Switch from WMI cmdlets to CIM, as they are deprecated
  • Fix the Atlas folder not having a shortcut on the desktop in certain situations
  • Fix file associations for the user's selected browser not applying on the latest Windows updates
  • Don't strip system AppX apps unnecessarily
  • No hardcoded 7-Zip version download, and ARM64 version
  • Hyperthreading/SMT check in the optional 'Disable Idle' context menu to prevent users from ruining performance
  • Configure automatic maintenance instead of disabling it; automatic disk optimization requires it

...and lots more minor fixes and improvements!
You can see the complete commit log.

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