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Comparing Custom Firmwares

Features Stock Atmosphere Kosmos ReiNX SX OS Notes
Free ✖ (~$25 USD)  
Open Source  
Firmware 9.1.0+ Support  
Supports Custom Sysmodules  
Supports Game Modding  
Homebrew Support SX OS has compatibility issues with many homebrew
FS Patches  
ES Patches Atmosphere & Kosmos Sigpatches must be installed manually
Configuration Tools  
Reboot to Payload  
Proper Shutdown w/ AutoRCM  
Realtime Cheat Engine Sysnetcheat or noexes on ReiNX. Requires a PC or phone.
Button Remapping Using hid-mitm.
Third-party controler support Using hid-mitm (Requires a PC or phone) or sys-con.
emuNAND/emuMMC Atmosphere emuMMC is currently experimental.
XCI Loading XCIs can be converted to NSP for other CFWs
Relevant Guide nh switch guide  

✓ - Supported

‒ - Partial or incomplete support

✖ - No Support


If this page doesn't answer your question, feel free to ask on the Team AtlasNX Discord.

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