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If you appreciate this guide or any of the other work by Team AtlasNX, please consider contributing! Donations are used towards funding servers and giving us a budget to continue expanding our services in the future.


Patrons will receive a special rank on our Discord server and occasionally access to beta builds of our software before officially released.

PayPal / Ko-fi

Ko-fi is used as a frontend for PayPal. You can send money through Ko-fi using PayPal without needing to create a Ko-fi account.


Segwit: bc1qlw084ezjld5kw2rmh40ljuf20fulxp8j2fqd2z Legacy: 17LYnMwmdVAZnCLZtGqZhSsN5kPnS5Zsp7

If you donate one time through PayPal or Bitcoin and would like access to donator exclusive channels, please contact noahc3#5728 with your Bitcoin/PayPal transaction ID or your PayPal email address.

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