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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Dec 30, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release


  • Fixes so the Toolbox works with latest libnx and Atmosphere again

  • The flags folder will now be created before trying to create a boot2.flag file

  • Third-party sysmodules can now create a toolbox.json file in their folder to make them be loadable by the toolbox

    • To use this feature, create a toolbox.json file in your sysmodule's /atmosphere/contents/ folder with the following format:
	"name"  : "sys-something",
	"tid"   : "0100000000000999",
	"requires_reboot": false
  • The atmosphere config files will now be created and filled if none was found
  • Allow inputs from any controller, for consistency with hbmenu v3.2.0

All you can see here was the work of @cathery so a huge thanks to her <3

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