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Kosmos Updater

A homebrew application for the Nintendo Switch that will automatically update your CFW with the latest from Kosmos.


Config option Description
host = ""; Which server to connect to. You can host your own server using the files in the server repository.
channel = "stable"; Stable (stable) will download the latest tag and bleeding edge (bleeding-edge) will download the latest commit.
bundle = "kosmos"; The bundle to install. (kosmos, hekate, or atmosphere)
version = ""; The version of Kosmos that is currently installed on your SD card.
ignore = [ "sdmc://fileToIgnore.nro", "sdmc://anotherFileToIgnore.nro" ]; Array of files to ignore when extracting.
autoupdate = true; Whether or not to auto update Kosmos Updater.
proxy_enabled = false; Whether or not to use a proxy for network calls.
proxy_url = ""; The URL of the proxy server.
proxy_username = "username"; The username to use for the proxy server, if blank it will not be used.
proxy_password = "password"; The password to use for the proxy server, if blank it will not be used.


  • Thanks to vgmoose for examples on using minizip in appstorenx.
  • Thanks to y4my4m and natinusala in the ReSwitched discord for their discussions around libcurl.