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@StevenMattera StevenMattera released this Jul 5, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release


  • Added ability to ignore all common config files in Kosmos, except for hekate_ipl.ini. Full list of config files below:
    • sdmc:/atmosphere/BCT.ini
    • sdmc:/atmosphere/loader.ini
    • sdmc:/atmosphere/system_settings.ini
    • sdmc:/bootloader/patches.ini
    • sdmc:/config/hid_mitm/config.ini
    • sdmc:/config/sys-clk/config.ini
    • sdmc:/ftpd/config.ini
    • sdmc:/switch/KosmosToolbox/config.json
    • sdmc:/switch/KosmosUpdater/internal.db
    • sdmc:/switch/KosmosUpdater/settings.cfg
  • Removed Channels, Bundles, and removed Disable Game Cart. This will now always install the latest release of Kosmos with autonogc turned on.
  • Removed the ability to install ES Patches.
  • Fixed bug where ignored file paths had to start with sdmc://. Now they can start with sdmc:/, sdmc:// or /.
  • Fixed issue where codebase would crash when compiled with the latest version of libNX. This had something to do with the multiple threads I was using. While fixing this the progress bars were removed when deleting files, and extracting files.
  • Sounds were also removed due to dependency issues.
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