Latest commit 7dc7789 Dec 18, 2018

folder name function
must_have Files that are required to make this work
bootlogo The bootlogo, don't enable when somebody wants to add his own custom bootlogo, else do!
es_patches ES patches, part of the signature patches
hekate_payload Just the hekate payload
sys-ftpd FTPD sys-module by jakibaki
sys-netcheat netcheat sys-module by jakibaki
edizon EdiZon
appstore AppstoreNX
Checkpoint Save File Manager
KosmosUpdater A homebrew for directly updating Kosmos
hbmenu The homebrew menu
kosmos_toolkit Homebrew for modifying CFW settings
ldn_mitm This allows online ad-hoc / lan-play for games such as Smash and Mario Kart 8!