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##BioLink BioLink is an integrated software package for the collection, maintenance, analysis, application and dissemination of taxonomic, biodiversity and environmental information. It was originally developed during 1998-1999 by CSIRO (Entomology), and has undergone a number minor revisions since then, with the last legacy release being version 2.5.

This redevelopment is being funded by the Atlas of Living Australia. The Atlas of Living Australia is an initiative to improve access to essential information on Australia’s biodiversity by providing tools for researchers and others to access, combine and map data on Australian species. The Atlas project is a partnership between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Australian natural history collections community and the Australian Government. For more information, go to

The goals of the version 3.0 development effort are:

  • modernize the legacy code base to in order to facilitate future enhancements and modifications
  • make available the source code under an open source license
  • address any outstanding issues with the legacy application

See the Getting Started wiki page for more details.

###Latest news Last Updated 28 November 2014

####BioLink 3.0.619 Released (available from a new download location) The Atlas of Living Australia is pleased to announce that Version 3.0.619 of BioLink is now available for download. Please see the release notes for specific information about this release. New users of BioLink should refer to the Getting Started guide and the User Guide for installation and usage instructions.

Please report any problems or suggestions to the project owners, or raise issues on the Issues page.

Atlas of Living Australia Downloads service

The Atlas of Living Australia is now hosting BioLink installation files on it's downloads service ( The most recent versions of BioLink will check this location when checking for new releases (Help -> Check for updates).

####Database scripts It was originally envisaged that no modifications would be necessary to the database schema., Recently, however, an issue has been discovered in a stored procedures that can cause incorrect results in the Associates for Taxon report. Please refer to the wiki for more information.

####User Guide The first cut of an update user guide for version 3.0 can be found here

####Whats New in BioLink 3.0 Work has started on the Whats New guide for BioLink 3.0