OpenFOAM applications and libraries for performing atmospheric experiments
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hilaryweller0 Updated a few codes based on OpenFOAM change.
multiFluidThetaBuoyantKEpsilon still needs transfers between fluids.
partitionedTurbulentFoam is unstable if the turbulence is coupled.
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A collection of OpenFOAM computational fluid dynamics applications and libraries for performing atmospheric experiments. Includes mesh generators, scalar transport and Navier-Stokes solvers, and post-processing and visualisation tools.


From source

  • First, apt-get install libgdal-dev
  • Ensure AtmosFOAM-tools is installed
  • Install OpenFOAM dev.
  • Compile all AtmosFOAM applications and libraries using ./Allwmake

Ubuntu 17.10 amd64 binaries

sudo sh -c "wget -O - | apt-key add -"
sudo add-apt-repository
sudo add-apt-repository " dev"
sudo add-apt-repository " dev"
sudo apt-get update --allow-insecure-repositories
sudo apt-get install atmosfoam


Unit tests are run automatically using Allwmake.