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dmnt is a reimplementation of Nintendo's debug monitor. It provides Atmosphère a rich set of debugging functionality, so that users can easily analyze the behaviors of programs. In addition, Atmosphère implements an extension in dmnt to provide cheat code functionality.

Atmosphère Cheat Extension

In addition to the functionality provided by Nintendo's debug monitor, Atmosphère's dmnt has an extension for providing cheat code functionality. A HIPC Service API is provided for interacting with the cheat code manager, through the service dmnt:cht.

Those looking for more information on the cheat code functionality may wish to read

The SwIPC definition for dmnt:cht follows.

interface DmntCheatService is dmnt:cht {
  [65000] HasCheatProcess() -> bool;
  [65001] GetCheatProcessEvent() -> KObject;
  [65002] GetCheatProcessMetadata() -> CheatProcessMetadata;
  [65003] ForceOpenCheatProcess();

  [65100] GetCheatProcessMappingCount() -> u64;
  [65101] GetCheatProcessMappings(u64 offset) -> buffer<MemoryInfo, 6>, u64 count;
  [65102] ReadCheatProcessMemory(u64 address, u64 size) -> buffer<u8, 6> data;
  [65103] WriteCheatProcessMemory(u64 address, u64 size, buffer<u8, 5> data);
  [65104] QueryCheatProcessMemory(u64 address) -> MemoryInfo;

  [65200] GetCheatCount() -> u64;
  [65201] GetCheats(u64 offset) -> buffer<CheatEntry, 6>, u64 count;
  [65202] GetCheatById(u32 cheat_id) -> buffer<CheatEntry, 6> cheat;
  [65203] ToggleCheat(u32 cheat_id);
  [65204] AddCheat(buffer<CheatDefinition, 5> cheat, bool enabled) -> u32 cheat_id;
  [65203] RemoveCheat(u32 cheat_id);

  [65300] GetFrozenAddressCount() -> u64;
  [65301] GetFrozenAddresses(u64 offset) -> buffer<FrozenAddressEntry, 6>, u64 count;
  [65302] GetFrozenAddress(u64 address) -> FrozenAddressEntry;
  [65303] EnableFrozenAddress(u64 address, u64 width) -> u64 value;
  [65304] DisableFrozenAddress(u64 address);
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