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set_mitm is a sysmodule that enables intercepting requests to the system settings service.

Atmosphère Extensions

set_mitm intercepts the GetFirmwareVersion command, if the requester is qlaunch or maintenance.
It modifies the display_version field of the returned system version, causing the version to display
in settings as #.#.# (AMS #.#.#). This allows users to easily verify what version of Atmosphère they are running.

set_mitm also intercepts the GetSettingsItemValueSize and GetSettingsItemValue commands for all requesters.
It does so in order to enable user configuration of system settings, which are parsed from atmosphere/system_settings.ini on boot.
The format for settings is described below.

Atmosphère Settings Format

Settings are parsed from the atmosphere/system_settings.ini file during the boot process. This file is a normal ini file,
with some specific interpretations.

The standard representation of a system setting's identifier takes the form name!key. This is represented within
system_settings.ini as a section name, with an entry key. For example:

key = ...

System settings can have variable types (strings, integral values, byte arrays, etc). To accommodate this, system_settings.ini
must store values as a type_identifier!value_store pair. A number of different types are supported, with identifiers detailed below.
Please note that a malformed value string will cause a fatal error to occur on boot. A full example of a custom setting is given below
(setting eupld!upload_enabled = 0), for posterity:

upload_enabled = u8!0x0

Supported Types

  • Strings
    • Type identifiers: str, string
    • The value string is used directly as the setting, with null terminator appended.
  • Integral types
    • Type identifiers: u8, u16, u32, u64
    • The value string is parsed via a call to strtoul(value, NULL, 0).
    • Setting bitwidth is determined by the identifier (8 for 1 byte, 16 for 2 bytes, and so on).
  • Raw bytes
    • Type identifiers: hex, bytes
    • The value string is parsed as a hexadecimal string.
      • The value string must be of even length, or a fatal error will be thrown on parse.

Atmosphère Custom Settings

At the time of writing, Atmosphère implements two custom settings, found in the atmosphere section.\

While not used for set_mitm, power_menu_reboot_function is loaded and controls the reboot behaviour of the console. By default, this value
is "payload", where the console will automatically reboot into the RCM payload stored in sdmc:/atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin.
(This payload is also used for fatal, upon a serious crash.) Setting the value to "rcm" reboots directly into RCM, and setting the value
to "normal" skips these behaviours.

power_menu_reboot_function = str!payload

dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default controls the behaviour of dmnt's cheat functionality. By default, this value is "0x1", enabling any cheats
defined by the user. Check cheats for more information about Atmosphère's cheat functionality.

dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x1

dmnt_always_save_cheat_toggles controls the behaviour of dmnt's cheat toggle functionality. By default, this value is "0x0", causing toggles to
only be saved on game quit if a toggle file existed on game boot. Check cheats for more information about Atmosphère's cheat functionality.

dmnt_always_save_cheat_toggles = u8!0x0
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