[jquery][streaming] - Atmosphere crashes ie10 on windows 7 #848

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Not sure why, but ie10 on windows 7 just crashes on subscribe().
Are there any known issues with ie10?

I'm using the streaming protocol, and atmosphere 1.0.6, tomcat 7.0.32


jfarcand commented Jan 23, 2013

Which transport? I've tested websocket and long-polling. You are using streaming, right?

Yep - streaming, if you can confirm it's working well, it might be an issue with our code (we're using iframes to communicate with cross domain)

Let me know and I'll start digging :)


jfarcand commented Jan 23, 2013

Will confirm tomorrow...on a plane for 7 hours, no windows :-)

got it - I'll wait for you to land :)

P.S - on windows 8 it doesn't crash but throws exception "Error : Invalid Argument."

Enjoy your flight.


jfarcand commented Feb 5, 2013

I confirm this issue.

@jfarcand jfarcand added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 5, 2013

@jfarcand jfarcand Fix for #848 399601d

jfarcand closed this Feb 5, 2013

@jfarcand jfarcand added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 5, 2013

@jfarcand jfarcand Fix for #848 8997b11

I've just tested it on ie10 windows 7 and I'm getting this error: "The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available."

in line

var responseText = ajaxRequest.responseText;


jfarcand commented Feb 7, 2013

Hum, I've tested with IE 10 on win7 as well. Can you try the jquery-pubsub 1.0.10-SNAPSHOT?

Still working on my code - looks like it's able to send messages but not receiving them, also the events are not triggered.

Still checking.

I can confirm it's working (I had the old version of _buildAjaxRequest())

Thanks for the great work again!!

Just a small bug, it's not entering the reconnect event if the request stops.
I've added another check to enter the reconnect logic(line 1437) :

//added here: && ajaxRequest.readyState != 4 so it would enter the else case incase server is down
if (jQuery.browser.msie && ajaxRequest.readyState != 4) {
    if (ajaxRequest.readyState >= 3) {
        update = true;
} else if (rq.readyState > 2
    && ajaxRequest.readyState == 4) {

    rq.readyState = 0;
    rq.lastIndex = 0;

    _reconnect(ajaxRequest, rq, true);
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