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Atmosphere GWT has been migrated into atmosphere 0.7 from atmosphere-gwt-comet which itself was forked from gwt-comet.


  1. Question: Why do I get a serialization exception?
    Answer: The most common causes are: - You didn't include your object in the SerialTypes your Serializer class - Your object to be serialized is not serializable - Your object has references to types that are too generic or are pulling in references to generic types.

  2. Question: Can you have multiple windows open to one session?
    Short answer: Yes
    Long answer: the atmosphere-gwt component does not provide an implementation for sessions, unlike gwt-comet. This leaves the session specific code open to the creativity of the user. So you are not inhibited to implement your own application specific session code on top of atmospere-gwt. Atmosphere-gwt is also able to track the individual window connections and you can send information to each specific window and also know from which it is coming.

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