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Realtime Client Server Framework for the JVM, supporting WebSockets and Cross-Browser Fallbacks Support

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Welcome to Atmosphere: The Asynchronous WebSocket/Comet Framework

The Atmosphere Framework has both client and server ready to use components. The majority of popular frameworks are either supporting Atmosphere or supported natively by the framework(**).

Follow us on Twitter or get the latest news here

To use Atmosphere, add the following dependency:


Where atmosphere-module can be: jersey, runtime (main module), guice, jquery, redis, hazelcast, jms, jgroups or gwt. Our official release are available from Maven Central.

Get Started

Writing a REST over WebSocket/Comet apps using JQuery

Which Atmosphere API should I use for my project?

White Paper PDF (a little bit old)

Current status of the Project

Latest Presentation - Writing highly scalable WebSocket using the Atmosphere Framework

Browse Javadoc

To quickly see what Atmosphere can do with WebSocket and Comet, and If you want to play with Redis, Hazelcast, ActiveMQ(JMS) or XMPP(Gmail), download our JQueryPubSub sample and uncomments the appropriate technology and rebuild, or drop the atmosphere-{name}.jar under your WEB-INF/lib to enabled it automatically pom.xml

For SNAPSHOT, you'll have to add the Sonatype repo to your settings in order to be able to access the snapshot builds Browse the artifact

Several Samples are available Download the sample, rename the file without the maven version

Atmosphere 0.8.6 is our official release, and our work in progress version is 0.9, targeted for end of Mid April 2012

If you are interested, subscribe to our mailing list for more info! We are on under #atmosphere-comet

(**) The list include Jersey, GWT, Wicket, Vaadin, JSF, Scalatra, Play!, Grails and more. All JVM based languages are supported, an massive scalability in natively build in and supported by JGroups, Hazelcast, ActiveMQ, Redis and XMPP based server.

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