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Video streaming with RethinkDB

This demo shows that streaming video is possible with RethinkDB changefeeds. It even supports recording multiple streams at the same time and streaming to multiple viewers.



Record video from your webcam into a RethinkDB table called 'hello':

./stream_webcam 28015 hello

Live stream the 'hello' table:

./play_stream 28015 hello

Stream from the 'hello' table starting at the beginning:

./play_stream 28015 hello 0

Data format

Data is formatted as chunks (with a default size of 1 KiB). Each chunk is associated with an auto-incremented integer id and stored in the table associated with the stream.

  "id": 0,
  "chunk": r.binary(...)

The last document in the stream has an end field instead of chunk.

  "id": 2294,
  "end": true