Building From the Editor

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Android Deployment - Building From the Editor

Once the setup steps are completed, the project is ready to be deployed from the editor.

Step 1: Name the Application

Shift + Ctrl (Cmd ) + B – Opens the Build Settings dialog. Click the Android icon and select Set Current Platform.

Assign App Name, App Package (a unique name using app store naming guidelines), Company Name, and Product Name.

Step 2: Add the Paths to the Build Settings

  • Assign the Android SDK Path. Once this is selected the API Level should update automatically, if not, click Refresh.
  • Assign the Ant Path (this is the folder that contains ant.bat)
  • Assign the JDK Root (windows only)

Click Ok to save the changes.

Step 3: Build the Project

Ctrl (Cmd) + B – Opens the Build window

Choose a folder to save the deployment. The Android-Build folder will be generated here, this folder contains the application's libraries and serialized assets.

Click Build

The application will launch on device once the build is complete.