Building the Atomic Editor using XCode

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The Atomic Editor is very easy to build and requires minimal setup. You'll need XCode from the App Store and CMake:

Step 1: Clone and generate XCode project

Open a terminal and clone the Atomic Game Engine source and examples repositories.

git clone --recursive
git clone

Make a build directory, change directory to it, and run cmake.

mkdir AtomicGameEngine-build
cd AtomicGameEngine-build
cmake ../AtomicGameEngine -G "Xcode"

This will generate an XCode project which you can now open.

Step 2: Build the XCode project

In Finder, navigate to your build folder and open Atomic.xcodeproj

Once opened, select Build for Running from the Product menu

Once built, select the Atomic Editor as the current project

Step 3: Run the Editor

Run the editor using cmd-R or selecting Run from the Product menu

Step 4: Open the Physics Platformer example

From the Welcome Screen, select Open Project and navigate to your clone of the Atomic Examples, choose the Physics Platformer example

The Platformer will open in the editor

Step 5: Press Play!

You are now ready to start developing using your custom build of the Atomic Editor, press play!