Changing the Code Editor's Display Settings

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Updating User Preferences

You can change the settings in the preferences file located at:

Windows: C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\AtomicEditor\Preferences\prefs.json

OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/AtomicEditor/Preferences/prefs.json

Default settings:

  "codeEditor": {
    "theme": "vs-dark",
    "fontSize": 12,
    "fontFamily": "",
    "showInvisibles": false,
    "useSoftTabs": true,
    "tabSize": 4
  • theme: can be "vs-dark" or "vs"
  • fontSize: The point size of the editor font
  • fontFamily: If populated will use the font style provided instead of the built-in default
  • showInvisibles: true or false - show spaces/tabs in the editor
  • useSoftTabs: true or false - use spaces in place of tabs
  • tabSize: The number of spaces in each tab

Changing Editor Skin

You can also switch the editor from a dark theme to a light theme by modifying the following key in the prefs file:

"uiData": {
    "defaultSkinPath": "AtomicEditor/resources/default_skin_light"