Setting up the Atomic Editor

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Atomic Editor binary releases are managed by THUNDERBEAST GAMES LLC for the Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and WebGL platforms. Linux currently requires compiling from source, however we will provide binaries in the future.


Download and install the latest Atomic Editor release for your platform at:

Atomic Editor releases are scheduled as rolling milestones. If you are interested in contributing code, art, documentation, examples, or anything else, awesome 👍 , please see: How to help make Atomic better.

C# Support Optional

The Atomic Editor integrates with Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, and MonoDevelop to provide a first class editing, debugging, and deployment experience on desktop and mobile platforms. Install the IDE for your platform to enable C# scripting support.

License Agreement & Registration

On the initial run, the editor will confirm licensing terms and provide registration for a new Atomic Community ID or to enter an existing one.

During registration you can optionally sign up for updates and anonymous editor usage metrics. Registration is a spam free zone with no information being shared and only notification of significant updates.

Getting Started

Please see these getting started topics to become familiar with the basics of the Atomic Editor.

Getting Help

The Atomic Community is comprised of veteran professionals and those just starting out. If you're stuck, check the community site and chat, chances are someone has had a similar issue or will be able to help out.