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Website of Matrix Servers
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Welcome to the matrix server list

Matrix Servers has been started because there was there was no real list of public matrix servers. Most of the previous server listings sites they have either died right away or became heavily curated like hello matrix. Personally I wanted to lower the doorstep for maintainers to be listed on this server listing without too much hassle on finding where to add your server. This is where matrix servers has stepped in to lower the doorstep for maintainers to get listed in a "not so heavily" curated server list. In-order to support both smaller and bigger servers within the network. Adding your server towards our server list is pretty easy, simply create an issue on Github or reach out for me at our official matrix channel.

Knowingly that these kind projects are not open source which is one of my reasons to make it public under the MIT License. For the reason that I want to help the community even when I am not around for whatever reason. However when you want to run your own version of you can may star and fork this repository and use it for your own. Also make sure to replace all of the content for all the content pages within this repository.

Software that's being used:

Want to have your own server added?

Whenever you are running your own server you can have your server added this without a hassle. Simply open an issue at this repository and provide us the information. Please provide us as much information you can because the more information the better including your support channel. Your server will be processed as soon as possible and put into our Public API. More information about having your server added to our list can be found at our about page.

Additional information:
Maintainer: Atreatis
Twitter: Atreatis
Matrix Channel:

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