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This is Stratum Proxy for Monero-pools (RPCv2) using asynchronous networking written in Python Twisted.


If you lost connections to your proxy and have a lot of users, check limits of your system in /etc/security/limits.conf

The best way to increase limits of open files:

proxyuser hard nofile 1048576

proxyuser soft nofile 1048576


NOTE: This fork is still in development. Some features may be broken. Please report any broken features or issues.


  • XMR stratum proxy
  • Central Wallet configuration, miners doesn't need wallet as username
  • Support mining to exchange
  • Support monitoring via email
  • Bypass worker_id for detailed statistic and per rig monitoring
  • Only one connection to the pool
  • Individually Vardiff for workers.


  • Automatically failover via proxy, also for non-supported miners (ccminer)


  • all configs file

#Example for miners

  • ./minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u 123456 -p 1


  • XMR: 466KoUjvbFE2SduDyiZQUb5QviKo6qnbyDGDB46C6UcTDi5XmVtSXuRYJDmgd6mhYPU92xJHsTQyrSjLbsxdzKQc3Z1PZQM


xmr-proxy is built in python. I have been testing it with 2.7.3, but it should work with other versions. The requirements for running the software are below.

  • Python 2.7+
  • python-twisted
  • Pool with support for this proxy


  • just copy and start



  • Original version by Slush0 (original stratum code)
  • More Features added by GeneralFault, Wadee Womersley and Moopless


  • This software is provides AS-IS without any warranties of any kind. Please use at your own risk.