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Keep your .env.example in sync with changes to your .env file.


macOS (homebrew)

brew install atrox/tap/sync-dotenv

Windows (scoop)

scoop bucket add sync-dotenv
scoop install sync-dotenv

Linux (deb/rpm)

Download the .deb or .rpm from the releases page and install with dpkg -i and rpm -i respectively.


Download the pre-compiled binaries from the releases page and copy to the desired location.


sync-dotenv, by default, looks for a .env file in your working directory and synchronizes those keys with your .env.example file. Values will not be synchronized but existing ones in your example file will be kept.

If your files have different names, you can use the flags --env .secrets and --example .secrets.example.

If the flag --watch is provided, sync-dotenv will watch for changes in your working directory and automatically updates your example file.


sync-dotenv helps you to keep your .env.example in sync with your .env file

  sync-dotenv [flags]

      --base string      base path for all paths (default ".")
      --env string       path to your env file (default ".env")
      --example string   path to your example env file (default ".env.example")
  -h, --help             help for sync-dotenv
  -v, --verbose          enable verbose messages
      --version          version for sync-dotenv
  -w, --watch            watch for file changes and update the example file automatically

Jetbrains IDE

You can automatically call sync-dotenv via File Watchers. Enable the plugin, import the following XML and your .env.example now automatically updates if you change your .env file.


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