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The All-in-One Scala.js static web project template
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The All-in-One Scala.js static web project template

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This repository is a template of the basic structure for a Scala.js web project, contains all the best technologies in Scala.js community since 2019:

Other libraries and tools can be found in sbt settings.

This template contains settings for a static web project, and you can additionally configure Play or Akka HTTP dependencies in web/build.sbt to turn it into a dynamic web project.

Directory Structure

  • web/

    The sbt-web project for web assets

    • build.sbt

      Sbt settings for the sbt-web project, which contains WebJars dependency configurations, including SASS / SCSS dependencies and static resources from external libraries.

    • src/main/assets/

      The root directory of static assets sources.

      • index.html

        The main page in release mode, which reference uglified version of CSS and JS resources.

      • devMod.html

        The main page in development mode, which reference indented CSS and JS resources.

      • style.scss

        The style sheet used by main page in SCSS syntax, which will be compiled to style.css by sbt-web pipeline.

    • target/web/public/main/

      The root directory of static assets output.

      • lib/

        The output directory for Webjars dependencies.

  • js/

    The Scala.js project to create JS output used in the sbt-web project.

    • build.sbt

      Sbt settings for the Scala.js project, which contains Scala.js settings, NPM dependencies and type definitions.

    • src/main/scala/

      The directory contains Scala.js source files.

  • project/

    • plugins.sbt

      Sbt plugins dependencies.

    • coursier.sbt

      sbt-coursier settings.

    • project/

      • plugins.sbt

        sbt-coursier settings.


How to use this template?

Just clone this repository, and the following sbt tasks are available.


Run the following command:

sbt assets

Then visit web/target/web/public/main/index.html to browse the main page.

Development build

By default, the assets command builds Scala.js in release mode. To build this project in development mode

sbt "set web / scalaJSPipeline / isDevMode := true" assets

Then visit web/target/web/public/main/devMod.html to browse the main page in development mode.


Run the following command:

sbt test

Then the examples in Scaladoc comments will be ran by ScalaTest.

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