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Dear AtsushiSakai,
thank you for building this cool repo for robotics.
I am still learning robotics and this will give me a good starting point.
I hope this note gets to you.

--David Senicic

Dear AtsushiSakai,
WE found your project from google when first searching for a rosbag to csv converter. We are a small team in MCity working on Connected (and Automated) vehicles. We are working with an opensource platform that serve as the AI to control the vehicle. Your code and documentation helped us a lot!

Thank you! Have a nice day!

--Hanlin(Julia) Chen, MCity Apollo team

Dear Atsushi Sakai,

With your simplistic descriptions in text and as gifs, i was able to help my students understand easily and effectively, I would be honored to help, in anyway towards this, As a hobbyist have been developing lidar based slam navigation systems from 2011 and its only right to acknowledge and thank you for your contributions.


Dear Atsushi Sakai
I first came across your Matlab repository on ICP and SLAM. The repository for both python and Matlab helped me in understanding the essential concepts of robotics.I am really grateful to you for helping me develop my understanding of the concepts of robotics.

--Sparsh Garg

Dear AtsushiSakai,
Thank you very much for all the example programs related to Robotics


Dear AtsushiSakai,

Thanks for Python Robotics

--Rebecca Li

Thanks alot.


Dear AtsushiSakai,

thank you for you code!

—- Anonymous


--a friend

Thanks for the awesome collection of codes!


Thank you!

--huang pingzhong

Dear AtsushiSakai,
Thanks a lot for the wonderful collection of projects.It was really useful. I really appreciate your time in maintaing and building this repository.It will be really great if I get a chance to meet you in person sometime.I got really inspired looking at your work.
All the very best for all your future endeavors!
Thanks once again,

---Ezhil Bharathi


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