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# Volatility
# Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Volatile Systems
# Additional Authors:
# Michael Cohen <>
# Mike Auty <>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
# your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
#pylint: disable-msg=C0111
import os
import volatility.plugins.common as common
import volatility.win32 as win32
import volatility.obj as obj
import volatility.debug as debug
import volatility.utils as utils
import volatility.cache as cache
class DllList(common.AbstractWindowsCommand, cache.Testable):
"""Print list of loaded dlls for each process"""
def __init__(self, config, *args, **kwargs):
common.AbstractWindowsCommand.__init__(self, config, *args, **kwargs)
config.add_option('OFFSET', short_option = 'o', default = None,
help = 'EPROCESS offset (in hex) in the physical address space',
action = 'store', type = 'int')
config.add_option('PID', short_option = 'p', default = None,
help = 'Operate on these Process IDs (comma-separated)',
action = 'store', type = 'str')
config.add_option('PROCESSNAME', short_option = 'n', default = None,
help = 'Operate on these Process Names (comma-separated)',
action = 'store', type = 'str')
def render_text(self, outfd, data):
for task in data:
pid = task.UniqueProcessId
outfd.write("*" * 72 + "\n")
outfd.write("{0} pid: {1:6}\n".format(task.ImageFileName, pid))
if task.Peb:
outfd.write("Command line : {0}\n".format(str(task.Peb.ProcessParameters.CommandLine or '')))
if task.IsWow64:
outfd.write("Note: use ldrmodules for listing DLLs in Wow64 processes\n")
outfd.write("{0}\n".format(str(task.Peb.CSDVersion or '')))
[("Base", "[addrpad]"),
("Size", "[addr]"),
("Path", ""),
for m in task.get_load_modules():
self.table_row(outfd, m.DllBase, m.SizeOfImage, str(m.FullDllName or ''))
outfd.write("Unable to read PEB for task.\n")
def filter_tasks(self, tasks):
""" Reduce the tasks based on the user selectable PIDS parameter.
Returns a reduced list or the full list if config.PIDS not specified.
if self._config.PID:
pidlist = [int(p) for p in self._config.PID.split(',')]
newtasks = [t for t in tasks if t.UniqueProcessId in pidlist]
# Make this a separate statement, so that if an exception occurs, no harm done
tasks = newtasks
elif self._config.PROCESSNAME:
processlist = [str(p) for p in self._config.PROCESSNAME.split(',')]
newtasks = [t for t in tasks if str(t.ImageFileName) in processlist]
tasks = newtasks
except (ValueError, TypeError):
# TODO: We should probably print a non-fatal warning here
return tasks
def virtual_process_from_physical_offset(self, addr_space, offset):
""" Returns a virtual process from a physical offset in memory """
# Since this is a physical offset, we find the process
flat_addr_space = utils.load_as(addr_space.get_config(), astype = 'physical')
flateproc = obj.Object("_EPROCESS", offset, flat_addr_space)
# then use the virtual address of its first thread to get into virtual land
# (Note: the addr_space and flat_addr_space use the same config, so should have the same profile)
tleoffset = addr_space.profile.get_obj_offset("_ETHREAD", "ThreadListEntry")
ethread = obj.Object("_ETHREAD", offset = flateproc.ThreadListHead.Flink.v() - tleoffset, vm = addr_space)
# and ask for the thread's process to get an _EPROCESS with a virtual address space
virtual_process = ethread.owning_process()
# Sanity check the bounce. See Issue 154.
if virtual_process and offset == addr_space.vtop(virtual_process.obj_offset):
return virtual_process
return obj.NoneObject("Unable to bounce back from virtual _ETHREAD to virtual _EPROCESS")
@cache.CacheDecorator(lambda self: "tests/pslist/pid={0}/offset={1}".format(self._config.PID, self._config.OFFSET))
def calculate(self):
"""Produces a list of processes, or just a single process based on an OFFSET"""
addr_space = utils.load_as(self._config)
if self._config.OFFSET != None:
tasks = [self.virtual_process_from_physical_offset(addr_space, self._config.OFFSET)]
tasks = self.filter_tasks(win32.tasks.pslist(addr_space))
return tasks
class PSList(DllList):
""" print all running processes by following the EPROCESS lists """
def __init__(self, config, *args, **kwargs):
DllList.__init__(self, config, *args, **kwargs)
config.add_option("PHYSICAL-OFFSET", short_option = 'P', default = False,
cache_invalidator = False, help = "Physical Offset", action = "store_true")
def render_text(self, outfd, data):
offsettype = "(V)" if not self._config.PHYSICAL_OFFSET else "(P)"
[("Offset{0}".format(offsettype), "[addrpad]"),
("Name", "20s"),
("PID", ">6"),
("PPID", ">6"),
("Thds", ">6"),
("Hnds", ">8"),
("Sess", ">6"),
("Wow64", ">6"),
("Start", "20"),
("Exit", "20")]
for task in data:
# PHYSICAL_OFFSET must STRICTLY only be used in the results. If it's used for anything else,
# it needs to have cache_invalidator set to True in the options
if not self._config.PHYSICAL_OFFSET:
offset = task.obj_offset
offset = task.obj_vm.vtop(task.obj_offset)
str(task.CreateTime or ''),
str(task.ExitTime or ''),
# Inherit from files just for the config options (__init__)
class MemMap(DllList):
"""Print the memory map"""
def render_text(self, outfd, data):
first = True
for pid, task, pagedata in data:
if not first:
outfd.write("*" * 72 + "\n")
task_space = task.get_process_address_space()
outfd.write("{0} pid: {1:6}\n".format(task.ImageFileName, pid))
first = False
offset = 0
if pagedata:
[("Virtual", "[addrpad]"),
("Physical", "[addrpad]"),
("Size", "[addr]"),
("DumpFileOffset", "[addr]")])
for p in pagedata:
pa = task_space.vtop(p[0])
# pa can be 0, according to the old memmap, but can't == None(NoneObject)
if pa != None:
self.table_row(outfd, p[0], pa, p[1], offset)
# outfd.write("0x{0:10x} 0x000000 0x{1:12x}\n".format(p[0], p[1]))
offset += p[1]
outfd.write("Unable to read pages for task.\n")
@cache.CacheDecorator(lambda self: "tests/memmap/pid={0}/offset={1}".format(self._config.PID, self._config.OFFSET))
def calculate(self):
tasks = DllList.calculate(self)
for task in tasks:
if task.UniqueProcessId:
pid = task.UniqueProcessId
task_space = task.get_process_address_space()
pages = task_space.get_available_pages()
yield pid, task, pages
class MemDump(MemMap):
"""Dump the addressable memory for a process"""
def __init__(self, config, *args, **kwargs):
MemMap.__init__(self, config, *args, **kwargs)
config.add_option('DUMP-DIR', short_option = 'D', default = None,
cache_invalidator = False,
help = 'Directory in which to dump memory')
def render_text(self, outfd, data):
if self._config.DUMP_DIR == None:
debug.error("Please specify a dump directory (--dump-dir)")
if not os.path.isdir(self._config.DUMP_DIR):
debug.error(self._config.DUMP_DIR + " is not a directory")
for pid, task, pagedata in data:
outfd.write("*" * 72 + "\n")
task_space = task.get_process_address_space()
outfd.write("Writing {0} [{1:6}] to {2}.dmp\n".format(task.ImageFileName, pid, str(pid)))
f = open(os.path.join(self._config.DUMP_DIR, str(pid) + ".dmp"), 'wb')
if pagedata:
for p in pagedata:
data =[0], p[1])
if data == None:
if self._config.verbose:
outfd.write("Memory Not Accessible: Virtual Address: 0x{0:x} File Offset: 0x{1:x} Size: 0x{2:x}\n".format(p[0], task.obj_offset, p[1]))
outfd.write("Unable to read pages for task.\n")