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Attempto Controlled English in Grammatical Framework
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Attempto Controlled English in Grammatical Framework


This project implements the syntax of Attempto Controlled English (ACE) (version 6.6) in Grammatical Framework (GF) and ports it to additional natural languages (Ger, Ita, ...). Note that this project does not implement the ACE interpretation rules or the mapping of ACE sentences to discourse representation structures.



The grammar should cover a reasonably large and interesting subset of ACE, specifically the OWL-compatible subset that is supported by AceWiki. Ideally, the grammar should cover the full ACE.


The grammar should not overgenerate. Since the grammar is going to be used in a look-ahead editor (which explicitly exposes the coverage of the grammar to the user), it should not support forms that fall outside of ACE.


The grammar should allow for bidirectional translations between ACE and a number of other controlled natural languages (ACE-like German, Italian, Finnish, etc.).

Reference implementations

First commit

The first commit was based on the 2011-12-14 version of the GF darcs repository examples/attempto/-directory implemented by the GF developers in 2009 targeting ACE v6.0. See also the publication:

K. Angelov and A. Ranta.
Implementing Controlled Languages in GF.
N. Fuchs (ed.), CNL-2009 Controlled Natural Languages, LNCS/LNAI 5972, 2010.

This version does not completely match ACE v6.6, i.e. some ACE constructs are not supported, e.g. ((F) marks things that the current version has already fixed)

  • (F) transitive adjectives: mad-about (mad about does not seem to work either)
  • (F) exactly
  • (F) less than
  • (F) everybody
  • (F) everything
  • (F) somebody X
  • (F) (some|every|no)body who
  • (F) Mary who
  • which as a question pronoun
  • (F) is not and isn't are not equivalent
    • (F) a woman is not a man . fails
    • (F) a woman isn't a man . succeeds
    • (F) a woman is not every man . succeeds
    • (F) a woman isn't every man . succeeds
  • (F) are not and aren't are not equivalent
  • (F) does not and doesn't are not equivalent
  • (F) do not and don't are not equivalent
  • (F) who (instead of whom) in object relative clauses (a woman who a man sees)
  • dative shift (John gives Mary an apple)
  • does wait (as alternative to waits)
  • adjective coordination
    • a rich and lucky man waits .
    • John is rich and lucky .
  • John is more rich. (John is richer works)
  • John always runs. (John runs always works)
  • VP coordination (GF supports Conj only with AP, Adv, NP, RS, and S)
  • (F) negated relative clauses (that is not, that does not, that CN is not)
  • (F) negated WH-questions (who does not like Mary?)

and it supports some constructs which in ACE do not exist, have been deprecated or should be avoided (i.e. create a warning), e.g.

  • relative clause can be attached to any NP using a comma between the NP and the relative clause (in ACE: relative clauses can be used only for nouns, indefinite pronouns and proper names)
  • he waits . (and other unresolvable personal pronouns)
  • the man waits . (gives a warning in APE)
  • a man X is the man Y .
  • (F) not more than, not at least, ...
  • numbers larger than 12 as words, e.g. one hundred and thirty
  • (F) whom
  • such that
  • - ( X + X ) waits . (minus sign should be followed by a number)
  • 1 = - -1 . (-1 is a built-in GF integer)
  • (F) nothing except (instead of nothing but)
  • ...


Note: Urd and Fin are currently not included

In order to build the PGF-file execute:

ant clean

bash make-pgf.bash

(Note that it is important that you use bash.)

The building will take about a minute on i3 given that Fin is included. The GF libraries are expected to be found in a system-wide location, e.g.:

  • ~/.cabal/share/gf-3.3/lib/present/
  • ~/.cabal/share/gf-3.3/lib/prelude/

In addition to building the PGF-file (ACE-0_0_2.pgf), make-pgf.bash

  • generates some random example sentences and
  • converts the PGF into a speech recognition grammar format (JSGF).

Both these additional outputs are only for testing purposes, they are saved into the build-directory.

Known problems

  • File does not exist (when trying to build with Urd included)

  • Category Phr is not in scope (when trying to parse with Fin included)

  • random generation often gets stuck

  • JSGF produces zero-output with the error message gf: mergeIdentical: Unknown_100_0

  • completion sometimes does not work (with numbers?)

    TestAttempto> p -lang=Eng "1 = ( - X Y TestAttempto> p -lang=Eng "1 = 1 ." baseText (sText (formulaS (eq_Formula (int_Term 1) (int_Term 1))))

  • What is the meaning of this type of compile time warnings:

    Happened in the renaming of mkkN Warning: atomic term CN conflict CatAce.CN, AttemptoAce.CN given ParadigmsAce, SyntaxAce, CommonX, CatAce, NumeralAce, SymbolsC, AttemptoAce, TestAttemptoAce


Example of translating an ACE sentence to other languages.

gf ACE-0_0_2.pgf

TestAttempto> p -lang=Ace "John gives an apple to a woman who John sees ." | l -treebank
TestAttempto: baseText (sText (vpS (pnNP john_PN)
                    (v3VP give_V3 (aNP apple_N)
                        (aNP (relCN woman_N (slashRS which_RP (pnNP john_PN) see_V2))))))
TestAttemptoAce: John gives an apple to a woman who John sees .
TestAttemptoEng: John gives an apple to a woman whom John sees .
TestAttemptoFre: John donne une pomme à une femme que John voit .
TestAttemptoGer: John gibt einen Apfel einer Frau die John sieht .
TestAttemptoIta: John da una mela ad una donna che John veda .
TestAttemptoSwe: John ger ett äpple till en kvinna som John ser .


Parsing with GF

Parsing ACE sentences with ACE-0_0_2.pgf.

ghc --make -o Parser Parser.hs

cat examples/ace.txt | ./Parser ACE-0_0_2.pgf TestAttemptoAce


bash run-test.bash examples/ace.txt

which creates two files

  • test_out.txt
  • test_out_fail.txt

To run tests on all the test cases in the tests-directory

bash run-all-tests.bash > tests/run-all-tests.out 2> tests/run-all-tests.err

The output files are created into the subdirectories of the tests-directory.

Generating with GF and parsing with APE

See the scripts and instructions in the tools-directory.


Changes to the ACE grammar can be done in various places.


ACE resource grammar. Based on the English resource grammar. Describes deviations from the English grammar, e.g. ACE uses who instead of whom.


Implementation of different ACE subsets and their ports to other languages. Contains the common interface


Different domain vocabularies. These files should rather be automatically generated from existing terminology databases.


Status of this project in terms of ACE-compliance of the GF grammars measured in different ways. We look at:

  • various ACE subsets
  • GF parsing
  • GF generation
  • GF translation correctness (?)

Note: So far we have only looked at how many known ACE sentences the GF parser can parse. See more in the tests-directory.

Structure of the grammar


  • Attempto
    • abstract Attempto = Numeral, Symbols
  • Symbols
    • abstract Symbols
    • ACE formulas and expressions
  • SymbolsC
    • concrete SymbolsC of Symbols = open Precedence, Prelude
    • used by all languages
  • AttemptoI
    • incomplete concrete AttemptoI of Attempto = SymbolsC, Numeral ** open Syntax, Symbolic, Prelude, LexAttempto
  • LexAttempto
    • interface LexAttempto = open Syntax
    • things that are not part of the RGL
  • TestAttempto
    • abstract TestAttempto = Attempto
    • adds test vocabulary

Language-specific (e.g. Eng)

  • AttemptoEng
    • concrete AttemptoEng of Attempto = SymbolsC,NumeralEng ** AttemptoI ...
  • LexAttemptoEng
    • instance LexAttemptoEng of LexAttempto
  • TestAttemptoEng
    • concrete TestAttemptoEng of TestAttempto = AttemptoEng ** open SyntaxEng, ParadigmsEng, IrregEng ...
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