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Releases: Attempto/APE

Version 6.7-131003

04 Oct 08:24
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This release implements two new ACE features and brings minor improvements.

  • New in ACE 6.7: Support for the exponentiation operator ^ in arithmetical expressions,
    e.g. "2^3^4", which is parsed as (2^3)^4.
  • New in ACE 6.7: Support for how many/how much queries, which ask for numbers of
    countable nouns or for amounts of mass or measurement nouns,
    e.g. "How many beaches have how much sand?"
  • APE can now translate ACE texts into the RuleML format.
  • The coverage of the ACE-to-OWL translator has been improved.
  • The dependencies of the Java Interface for APE on external libraries are now managed using Maven.
  • The large Clex lexicon (~100,000 entries) was migrated to a separate repository Attempto/Clex.
    As before, the APE source distribution contains a reduced (~2000 entries) version of this lexicon.

Version 6.6-110816

26 Jul 06:47
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This is a bugfix release that brings minor changes and updates:

  • ACE to DRS translation:
    • fixed: sentences like "For every woman of who everybody waits." now correctly fail
    • fixed: a bug that in rare cases generated a DRS with duplicate referents
    • fixed: duplicate DRS conditions are now always suppressed
    • fixed: misguiding error message for imperatives
    • deprecated: the construct "the ... of which/who"
  • DRS to FOL translation:
    • fixed: disjunctions related by anaphoric references (e.g. the DRS of "A man sleeps or the man waits.") are now correctly mapped to FOL
  • DRS to ACE translation:
    • improved: handling of disjuntions, e.g. "Every dog barks or a cat sleeps." is now paraphrased as "A cat sleeps or if there is a dog X1 then the dog X1 barks."
    • restored: support for 0, e.g. "There are 0 men."
  • DRS to OWL/SWRL translation:
    • the pretty-printed output (owlfsspp) now conforms to the OWL Functional-Style Syntax (and can be parsed by the OWL-API)
    • avoid including redundant owl:Thing in intersections
    • now supported: the DRS of "John does not see what?"
    • fixed: sentences like "There is X. If X is a fireman then X is a man." now map to OWL (instead of SWRL as before)
    • improved: the SWRL-mapping now supports formula/3 with =<, >=, =
    • fixed: "Peter owns 3 kg of apples." now correctly fails
  • Attempto Java Packages:
    • updated the Apache HTTP libraries to httpcore-4.1.1.jar and httpclient-4.1.1.jar
    • removed the OWL Verbalizer Webservice interface, this is now available at
    • updated enum OutputType: removed OWLRDF, added TPTP
  • The APE regression test set (~3500 small ACE texts with their corresponding DRSs) is now included (see ape/
  • Several improvements to the documentation of ACE, DRS and the APE source code.