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Java Interface for APE

The Java Interface for APE is part of the Attempto Parsing Engine (APE). Copyright 2008-2013, Attempto Group, University of Zurich (http://attempto.ifi.uzh.ch).


To simplify calling APE from Java programs, we provide the ACEParser interface which is effectively a Java-style front-end to querying the predicate get_ape_results/2. ACEParser is implemented by the following classes:

  • APELocal accesses APE via JPL, the bidirectional Prolog/Java interface, which is included in the SWI-Prolog installation;
  • APESocket accesses APE via its socket server;
  • APEWebservice accesses APE via its HTTP server.

Building with Maven

The Java Interface for APE can be compiled into a single jar-file attempto-ape.jar.

First install SWI-Prolog's JPL into your local Maven repository. See install-jpl.sh for an example on how do it. You might also need to update the JPL version number in pom.xml to match your version of SWI-Prolog.

Building the jar-file.

mvn package -DskipTests

Building the documentation, licenses, etc.

mvn site


In order to run the unit tests (mvn test), first compile ape.exe.

For the APELocal tests to succeed, place ape.exe into the APE root directory and execute (in any directory):

eval `swipl -dump-runtime-variables`
export LD_PRELOAD=$PLBASE/lib/$PLARCH/libjpl.so:$PLBASE/lib/$PLARCH/libswipl.so

For the APESocket tests to succeed, start the APE socket server:

ape.exe -server -port 5000

For the APEWebservice tests to succeed, start the APE HTTP server:

ape.exe -httpserver -port 8000

Now run

mvn test