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@fejoa fejoa released this Oct 27, 2017 · 420 commits to master since this release

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  • Several hundered new dialogue lines added,
  • Story of Xinroch added,
  • 45 new items, including several artifacts, added,
  • Full helmets grant sound resistance,
  • Tin helmets block ESP,
  • Several potions added,
  • Two new optional minibosses are generated,
  • Spider level added,
  • Improvements to Attnam and its underground,
  • More people in Tomb of Xinroch,
  • Sirens can be generated,
  • Science talking with more NPCs possible,
  • Several materials added,
  • Scaling option for graphics added,
  • Switch to .png graphics,
  • Show height and weight of creatures.


  • Assorted balance tweaks,
  • Fix digging stopping after single turn with NumPad,
  • Many, many more fixes.

See v0508...v0509 for a list of changes since 0.50.8

Apologies for the long delay folks!

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