@fejoa fejoa released this Mar 24, 2018 · 108 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

--> Download IvanWin052.zip <--



  • Enhanced scaling/stretching graphics using XBRZScale code!! (only in "zoom in (l)ook mode"...)
  • New Mind worms!!
  • Sound files from IVAN3D, plus other new sounds!! (utilizes more advanced config file syntax than before)
  • UT vault added
  • Headless ghosts
  • Outlined graphics from IVAN3D
  • Option to display the turn number on log messages

Tomb of Xinroch - now with MORE evil:

  • Buffed both Xinrochs
  • Buffed Xinroch's grave keeper
  • Slightly better rewards for bosses
  • One more vault for Catacombs
  • Maze on ghost Xinroch's level made more interesting
  • Tweaked dwarven gas chamber
  • Added two hidden vaults to TX
  • Added a small TX shop
  • Plus other slight tweaks to TX

Changes to shields:

  • Shields also give AV
  • AV for shields displayed
  • Shield strength modifiers adjusted
  • Shield materials added


  • New bugs added!!


  • Zero!

See v051...v052 for a list of changes since 0.51