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@fejoa fejoa released this Jun 1, 2018 · 158 commits to master since this release


  • Optional xBRZScale now used to stretch the: full dungeon, Silhouette, inventory items, NPCs on lists.
  • FrameSkip optional functionality for slow machines (or heavy CPU load as in "play while you work" :))
  • You can now optionally review after death events/items/msgs using Ivan3D mode.
  • Optionally always center on player after exiting LookZoom mode.
  • Optionally show full dungeon name with roman level numbers.
  • Grouped config options in categories.
  • Custom stack list length (items, drop, throw etc).
  • Several new monsters added, including five new uniques.
  • Monster AI now knows how to zap wands at you!
  • Show items at player position, side by side.
  • Nearly 400 new materials added.


  • Mainly when toggling full screen mode on linux, it will now wait until you release the key to apply.
  • Imprisoned necromancer can cast spells.
  • Elianise will no longer steal from you.
  • All the ambassadors will stay in the Cathedral and not wander around.
  • Nerf mind worm damage a bit.
  • Fix unlocking hexagonal and octagonal locks on chests.
  • Fix unicorns neighs.
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