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Magento2 sample data generator


The extension adds an additional CLI command to Magento 2 that allows to generate sample entities:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Orders

It might be useful if you are going to test your store or a separate implementation with big amount of data.


  • Put the package contents to the app/code directory
  • Clean Magento cache using built in CLI command ./bin/magento cache:clean
  • Enable the extension ./bin/magento module:enable Atwix_Samplegen


Use the following CLI commands to generate the sample entities:

./bin/magento samplegen:generate:products --count 1000
./bin/magento samplegen:generate:categories --count 1000
./bin/magento samplegen:generate:orders --count 1000
./bin/magento samplegen:generate:customers --count 1000

To remove the generated entities use the same command with --removeall 1 parameter:

./bin/magento samplegen:generate:products --removeall 1
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