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Code Conventions


  • Most important: Look around. Match the style you see used in the rest of the project. This includes formatting, naming things in code, naming things in documentation.
  • Add trailing commas,
  • 2 spaces for indentation (no tabs)
  • "Attractive"


  • Use semicolons;
  • ES6 standards
  • Prefer ' over "
  • Do not use the optional parameters of setTimeout and setInterval
  • 80 character line length


  • Prefer " over ' for string literal props
  • When wrapping opening tags over multiple lines, place one prop per line
  • {} of props should hug their values (no spaces)
  • Place the closing > of opening tags on the same line as the last prop
  • Place the closing /> of self-closing tags on their own line and left-align them with the opening <
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