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The Clinical Document Packaging Library provides a sample implementation of how to package CDA documents (and any attachments) following the Agency specifications.
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CDA Packaging Library

This is a software utility library for creating CDA packages using the XDM profile using .NET.

This is documented in "A Basis Repository Interface for PCEHR and Wave Site SEHRs" solution design.


  • To build and test the distributable package, Visual Studio 2008 must be installed.
  • Load up the CDAPackage.sln solution file.
  • For documentation on the CDAPackage library, refer to Help/Index.html.


The solution consists of three projects:

CDAPackage: The 'Nehta.VendorLibrary.CDAPackage' project contains the utility library for packaging CDA documents using the XDM profile.

CDAPackage.Sample: Sample code for the CDAPackage library.

Common: The 'Nehta.VendorLibrary.Common' project contains helper libraries common across all NEHTA vendor library components.

Nehta.Xsp: The 'Nehta.Xsp' project contains helper implementations of the Xml Secured Payload Profiles (XSPP).


An open source 3rd party zip library has been used in this project for the purposes of compressing files using the zip format. More information is available here:

Building and using the library

The solution can be built using 'ctrl-shift-b'. The compiled assembly can then be referenced where the clients will be available.

Client Usage

Documentation can be found inline.


See LICENSE file.

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