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AUBO Robot


  • Aubo_robot ROS meta-package for ROS-Industrial. See the ROS wiki page for more information.

  • This repository provides ROS support for AUBO robots. This repository holds source code for 'Noetic'. The corresponding robot controller software version is 'V4'. For those software version < 'V4', can refer to here.

Installation from Source

For the latest features and developments you might want to install from source.

  1. First set up a catkin workspace (see this tutorials).

  2. Then clone the repository into the src/ folder. It should look like /user_name/catkin_workspace/src/aubo_robot.

  3. In order to compile the package successfully, you need to install some packages related to MoveIt and industrial_corepackage.

  4. Make sure to source the correct setup file according to your workspace hierarchy, then use catkin_make to compile.

  5. update Moveit_core_lib : enter the direction /user_name/catkin_workspace/src/aubo_robot/UpdateMoveitLib/Kinetic/,Add permissions to the filechmod +x , Execution script file sudo ./

    The recommended gcc version is 4.8 for Ubuntu 14.04; And for Ubuntu 16.04, the gcc version is 5.4.


  • The repository contains packages may be unstable, and they will be migrated to the ROS-I repository after sufficient testing.
  • The contents of these packages are subject to change, without prior notice.
  • Any available APIs are to be considered unstable and are not guaranteed to be complete and / or functional.

MoveIt! with a simulated robot

You can use MoveIt! to control the simulated robot like RVIZ ,Gazebo or VREP environment. If you want to simulate the robot in RVIZ:

  • First set up the MoveIt nodes to allow motion planning and run:


        1.roslaunch <robot_name>_moveit_config moveit_planning_execution.launch robot_ip:=  


        2.roslaunch aubo_gazebo aubo_<robot_name>_gazebo_control.launch

you should install some package when you use aubo model in gazebo here

  • Then select "Interact" and move the end-effector to a new goal.

  • In "Motion Planning" -> "Plan and Execute" to send trajectory to the sim robot

  • Exit RViz and Ctrl-C the demo.launch window

Usage with real robot

+  When operating an AUBO robot under ROS-Industrial control, make certain that no one is within the robot workspace and the e-stop is under operator control.
  • Source the correct setup shell files and use a new terminal for each command.

  • To bring up the real robot, run:

roslaunch <robot_name>_moveit_config moveit_planning_execution.launch sim:=false robot_ip:=<192.168.***.***>
  • Move the robot around manually using a teach-pendant. Make sure the robot is controlled by robot-controller, see here.

  • Verify that the joint positions in RVIZ match the physical robot configuration.

  • Then switch to the ros-controller and control the robot through MoveIt.

  • Repeat for every joint and pose.

Mistakes made during this verification step can result in dangerous collisions when experiment with using the MoveIt planning environment to command trajectories with the real robot. Be certain that an E-stop is close by whenever commanding robot motion.