Release notes

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Release notes

  • v8.0 (7 Oct 2018)

    • New rendering architecture: Raw and PBR layers, the Raw layer is drawn on top of a cached PBR layer. Practically this change means about 2x less CPU usage from GUI.

      Conceptually the updates flow this way: UIElement.onDrawPBR => mipmapping => ICompositor => UIElement.onDrawRaw => channel swap

    • BREAKING if you have custom widgets:

      • UIElement.onDraw is now replaced by onDrawPBR and onDrawRaw depending on which layer you want to draw. Note: that if the PBR layer changes, both onDrawPBR and onDrawRaw will be called since the Raw layer is always on top of the PBR Layer.
      • UIElement now has UIFlags in its constructor to say whether a widget can be animated and where it renders.
    • BREAKING if you previously used 0-physical AND pbr-widgets with manual caching:

      • setDirty now exists in two versions: setDirty(UILayer.guessFromFlags)(default) or setDirty(UILayer.onlyRaw). The latter only exists for PBR widgets that render to both layers, and need a fast render path to the composited RGBA buffer. Most of the time you can still keep using setDirty()
      • removal of the now-useless Physical channel. You can have fast behaviour using setDirty(UILayer.onlyRaw) or using widgets without flagPBR
    • BREAKING if you used color correction from PBRCompositor:

      • Color correction is now a regular UIElement operating on the Raw layer (see examples/distort to implement) Any kind of post-processing effect can be implemented likewise, provided it works on RGBA8 pixels.
    • BREAKING if you used UIBufferedElement

      • UIBufferedElement has been split in UIBufferedElementRaw and UIBufferedElementPBR depending on which layer you want to bufferize. These widgets allows you to simplify redraw logic and avoid the dirtyRects rule.
    • Note that widgets in dplug:flat-widgets and dplug:pbr-widgets have been updated.

    • Less thread launching for graphics, no PBR or Mipmap thread is launched at all if there is nothing to do. Many other graphics optimizations: #270

  • v7.0 (5 Jul 2018)

    • Starting with v7.1.y, the D runtime can be enabled back in so-called "runtime sections" (see tests/using-runtime, dangerous feature). Still buggy on Linux.

    • BREAKING Dropping compatibility of old compilers. New requirements: LDC >= 1.8 and DMD >= 2.078

    • BREAKING VST2 plugin building now depends on the VST SDK being present on the system. Point a VST2_SDK environment variable to the corresponding VST2_SDK directory in the VST SDK. This requirement trickles down to building dplug:host and related tools.

      Example: export VST2_SDK=/Users/MyName/vstsdk3610_11_06_2018_build_37/VST_SDK/VST2_SDK

    In order to distribute VST2 plug-ins, you MUST sign an agreement with Steinberg.

    • BREAKING Removed deprecated modules dplug.core.alignedbuffer, dplug.pbrwidgets.panel, dplug.dsp.envelope and all symbols marked deprecated in v6. This shouldn't break anything if your plug-in was building without warning in v6.
  • v6.0 (5 Dec 2017)

    • AAX Native support for Windows and macOS, 32-bit and 64-bit.
    • plugin.json needs an additional category key. See the accepted values in dplug.client.daw. The key CFBundleIdentifierPrefix is now mandatory.
    • plugin.json now has a JSON Schema. Use eg. VSCode to have auto-completion on it.
    • Minimum required Mac OS X version is now 10.8 or later.
    • Minimum required LDC version is now 1.2 or later.
    • The release tool has been renamed to dplug-build. For the architecture switch (-a), it now only accepts -a x86 and -a x86_64 to match what DUB does. -a x32, -a x64 and -a x86-64 are now disallowed options.
    • Much improved Linux stability, with many fixes to x11window.d.
    • New: list of compatible hosts in the Wiki.
  • v5.0 (22 Aug 2017)

    • Linux VST support (64-bit) with X11 windowing.
    • No more need for module.def (need LDC >= 1.1 on Windows).
    • plugin.json now optionally parsed at compile-time (recommended).
    • PBR widgets seggregated in the new dplug:pbr-widgets subpackage.

    Known bugs: no MIDI input in Cubase and Bitwig, X11 window backend rarely works. Using v6 recommended.

  • v4.0 (2nd Nov 2016)

    • macOS Sierra support fixed (also works in macOS High Sierra).
    • To allow that, the D runtime is now linked with but disabled. No GC, no TLS, no global ctor/dtor.
  • v3.0 (9th May 2016):

    • Audio Unit compatibility added, with both Cocoa and Carbon UI. What is still missing from AU: Audio Component API, sandboxing, v3. In other words it's on parity with IPlug but not JUCE.
    • The release tool is now much more friendly to use.
    • Special keys in dub.json are now expected in a plugin.json file next to dub.json. In the future it will be the place of autority for information about a plugin, for now this has to be duplicated in buildPluginInfo() override. An empty plugin.json is OK, defaults are in place. This file is consumed by the release tool.
    • The Wiki became a place to visit.
  • v2.0: (6th January 2016)

    • release tool now expects a VST or AU configuration, see the distort example for details
    • special dub.json key CFBundleIdentifier became CFBundleIdentifierPrefix, see how distort works to update your plugins dub.json
    • 10.6 compatibility dropped.
  • v1.0: (26th May 2015)

    • initial release, VST support for 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows and Mac
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