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Firmware projects to jump-start your Audectra project
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This repository is collection of firmware source codes, which you can use to jump start on your Audectra project. Alternatively, you can use a normal TPM2 controller, which is compatible with our strips. However, having the ability to change the firmware, makes your project even more customizable.


You need to install the Arduino IDE to be able to compile the Arduino projects. If you have a Teensy board, then you additionally need the Teensy Addon for the Arduino IDE.

Arduino/Teensy Firmware

The folder "Arduino" contains a collection of firmware source codes for Arduino and Teensy boards.

TPM2 Single-Channel with PWM

If you are upgrading to Audectra v2 and still want to control your non-addressable strips or panels with PWM, this might be the best base firmware to start off.

TPM2 Multi-Channel with FastLED

If you are eager to control addressable LEDs with Audectra, then this might be the bast starting point for your firmware.

Audectra v1.5.1 Single-Channel with PWM

If you are still using Audectra v1.5.1, you might need to adapt and use this base firmware for your controller.

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