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ThemeHouse's GitHub How-To Introduction Repo

Here at ThemeHouse we believe in getting rid of those pesky bugs and glitches that need to be squashed right away. So we are now allowing you as a customer to report those bugs on GitHub.

Getting started is very easy at that, check the how-to down below to get started.

First, create an account on GitHub with all the account details that they ask for.

Next, go to one of the links listed below which is related to where the issue is coming from. Rather it include our themes or add-ons.



After you have registered and went to our issue boards. You will see different tabs up above, these tabs include: Code, Issues, Pull Requests, Projects, Wiki, Pulse, and Graphs. You will want to click “Issues” as that will take you to where all issues can be posted

Posting an Issue

To post an issue, all you to do is click the green button that says "New Issue". Clicking that will lead you to the issue post editor page.

Next, you can fill in the title box explaining the topic of the issue Example - “Theme has broken images”. After, began filling out the description box below which should include what steps were taken before the issue came up that you were having. Talk about what other steps you took to try to fix the issue along with formatting out important image links, website links, and much more.

Inserting Images

To be able to insert an image into this issue, you can just simply drag the image from your computer to the description box. Also, you can paste links of the pictures in the description box. Providing images of the issue allows our developers to get an insight of the problem on a visual level.

Last Minute Steps

After you have written up your issue you may want to double check to see if everything looks right. So to better see if certain images are showing or not showing, text is being shown as code, etc. Click on the button that says “Preview”. It should show itself as regular text and images instead of coding format and links.

Last but not least, after you have checked everything over you may then go ahead and click the button that says “Submit New Issue”. It will then be assigned to one of our many developers, if a reply is made or any changes at all are made. An email will be sent to you to update you on your issue.

Thank you for using ThemeHouse’s Official GitHub Issue Tracker.