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Ultra sound card - 192khz, 24 bit, microphones and balanced line addon.
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Auto Setup

Coming soon !

Manual Setup

Make sure you have a recent enough firmware which includes the Ultra 2 machine driver + cs4265 codec driver updates :

sudo rpi-update

Edit your /boot/config.txt file to disable dtparam=audio (the # below comments it out):


Edit your /boot/config.txt file to enable the Ultra's device tree overlay :


Manual Setup bash command script :

sudo rpi-update
# firstly disable PWM audio
sed -i \"s/^\s*dtparam=audio/#dtparam=audio/\" /boot/config.txt
# now check to see the correct device tree overlay is loaded ...
cnt=`grep -c audioinjector-ultra /boot/config.txt`
if [ "$cnt" -eq "0" ]; then
  echo '# enable the sound card
  dtoverlay=audioinjector-ultra' >> /boot/config.txt

Hardware Assembly

A video showing how to assemble the Ultra 2 sound card :

Audio Injector Ultra 2 assembly video

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Spectrogram example

Thanks to Hystrix for this spectrogram ... Hystrix spectrogram

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