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Audius Protocol


Audius is a decentralized, community-owned music-sharing protocol

This repository encompasses all of the services, contracts, and client-side libraries that comprise the Audius protocol.

For further details on operating an Audius service, getting started with the Token and the API, see


Audius Services

These off-chain services are run by community members via the Audius staking system:

Service Description
creator-node Maintains the availability of users' content via the Audius Storage Protocol, including user metadata, images, and audio content. Also known as Content Node.
discovery-provider Indexes and stores the contents of the audius contracts on the Ethereum & Solana blockchains for clients to query via an API. Also known as Discovery Node.
identity-service Stores encrypted auth ciphertexts and handles oauth artifacts

Smart Contracts & Programs

The independent sets of smart contracts that power the on-chain aspects of the Audius protocol:

Contracts Description
eth-contracts The Ethereum smart contracts that run the Audius protocol, encompassing the Audius ERC20 token and functionality for staking, off-chain service registration / lookup, and governance
solana-programs The Solana programs for the Audius protocol, encompassing user account, content listing, and content interaction functionality
contracts The POA network smart contracts for the Audius protocol, encompassing user account, content listing, and content interaction functionality

Audius Client Libraries

Client-side libraries to provide a unified interface for interacting with the entire Audius protocol:

Library Description
libs A complete javascript interface to the Audius smart contracts and Audius services: Identity Service, Discovery Provider, Creator Node

Audius Tools & Tests

Packages for developers to run and test Audius

Library Description
service-commands Tooling to run an entire instance of Audius locally with all dependencies
mad-dog A system level test suite and tests for Audius



Running the protocol

git clone
cd audius-protocol

bash dev-tools/
audius-compose up

Note that the first time setup takes a bit of time to pull images, but subsequent runs are significantly faster.


We welcome contributions to Audius from anyone who opens a PR. Feel free to reach out to our team on Discord or via other channels for feedback and/or support!


Please report security issues to with a description of the vulnerability and any steps to reproduce. Details on our bug bounty program are available at


Apache 2.0: LICENSE file