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Releases: Auginte/zooming-based-organizer

v0.9.5 Reverting back to JSON storage

16 Mar 13:56
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OrientDB and Web versions were bad architecture decisions and made UX slower and more resource intensive.
This is stability release forked after v0.6.4

auginte-v0 9 5


  • Fixed text color for editing on Ubuntu Desktop
  • Fixed feedback link (that was handing whole application)
  • Ignoring source id mismatches when loading JSON files
  • Focusing of the text element after creation

New features:

  • Load file from command line
  • Infrastructure to load configuration file (with example for load/save logging)


  • Updated dependencies to newest version
  • Some (less used) sbt plugins were removed
  • Properly include Open JavaFX


java -jar AuginteDesktop-assembly-0.9.5.jar

Desktop: performance improvements

13 Sep 19:42
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  • Optimized storing to OrientDB when working with large (E.g. 40k nodes, 1k elements) data sets.


  • Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre openjfx
  • Run from command line:
java -jar auginte-desktop-assembly-0.8.8.jar



  • Remove selected element
  • Option to self provision


  • orientdb:2.1.19


$SOFTWARE_PATH/bin/auginte-server \
 -Dhttp.port=${PORT} \


  • SOFTWARE_PATH is path till extracted
  • PORT - (optional) - port to overwrite
  • PROVISION - (optional) - if true will create database and its structure in OrientDB

Desktop: BugFix pre-release

07 May 20:07
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Fixes for desktop version, especially for large amounts of elements.

Not all functionality backward compatible with older versions.
So tag only in develop branch

Desktop: BugFix release

13 Jan 19:52
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Problems fixed:

  • Different styles in: Ubuntu 15.10 Gnome shell and Unity environments
  • OreintDB issues with new freshly created repository


  • Documentation: Installing on Ubuntu systems with Oracle JRE 8


  • Ensure Oracle JRE 1.7+ installed
  • Download: auginte-desktop-assembly-0.8.6.jar
  • Run: java -jar auginte-desktop-assembly-0.8.6.jar

More information:

Desktop + Web version

02 Jan 18:42
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This release have ScalaJs+Play version of zooming based organizer. Only basic functionality was migrated from Desktop version. Most of the was was done in zooming usability in mobile website version. Web version also include acceptance tests.

Desktop version had mainly dependency updates, no big features or breaking changes.

Executing binary versions:

  • - desktop version:
cd auginte-
  • - One jar version
cd auginte-
java -jar auginte-desktop-assembly-0.8.5.jar
  • auginte-0.8.5-server.tar.gz - Server/web version ready to deploy. Update files in config/* (at least config/local.conf)
bin/auginte-server -Dhttp.port=8080 -Dconfig.file=conf/application.conf


  • Oracle JRE 7+: for desktop version (JavaFx)
  • OrinetDB 2.1.4: for server version (desktop version have embedded database). Needed exact database version, as 2.1.8 database have breaking changes with 2.1.4 client.

OrientDB storage

02 Jan 17:00
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OrientDB storage Pre-release

This is major change for Desktop version: switching from one time JSON safe to store to database on update.
Graph database was needed for Source tracking and faster saving.

Only internal information transformation/source tracking is currently implemented:
E.g. hold shift to see or drag to clone linked.


  • Oracle JRE 7+. JAVA_HOME should also be exported as exported variable.

Using custom OreintDB instance:

bin/auginte --dbConnection=remote --dbName=localhost/databaseName --dbUser=root --dbPassword=databasePassword

Infinity zooming, JSON storage

02 Jan 16:15
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This is first stable enough version with infinity zooming and simple storage.

Main drawback: long loading and storing. binary is same binary, but with Windows fixes in package file.

Requires Oracle JRE 7+