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Desktop + Web version

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@aurelijusb aurelijusb released this 02 Jan 18:42
· 8 commits to master since this release

This release have ScalaJs+Play version of zooming based organizer. Only basic functionality was migrated from Desktop version. Most of the was was done in zooming usability in mobile website version. Web version also include acceptance tests.

Desktop version had mainly dependency updates, no big features or breaking changes.

Executing binary versions:

  • - desktop version:
cd auginte-
  • - One jar version
cd auginte-
java -jar auginte-desktop-assembly-0.8.5.jar
  • auginte-0.8.5-server.tar.gz - Server/web version ready to deploy. Update files in config/* (at least config/local.conf)
bin/auginte-server -Dhttp.port=8080 -Dconfig.file=conf/application.conf


  • Oracle JRE 7+: for desktop version (JavaFx)
  • OrinetDB 2.1.4: for server version (desktop version have embedded database). Needed exact database version, as 2.1.8 database have breaking changes with 2.1.4 client.